Mutual Agreement by Both Parties:
Both Parties Agree:
1. This stud service agreement is for stud service only.
2. Steele Bulldogs does not guarantee live puppies upon whelping.
3. That one puppy constitutes a litter and the stud owner is not responsible for any veterinary expense obtained by the bitch owner as a
result of the bitch's breeding, pregnancy or problems with the puppies.
4.  If the bitch fails to become pregnant, a return stud service from the Stud Dog Owner will be given to the
same bitch without an
additional fee(except shipping) within
one year of mating provided the bitch had progesterone testing prior to breeding to time her
We do not believe vaginal smears are a reliable test to determine optimum breeding time
5. That Stud Dog Owner is not liable for incorrect testing done to predict ovulation by the bitch owner.
6. That the Stud Dog Owner shall be held harmless of any and all liability, except as stated herein.
7. That any and all puppies produced as a result of this breeding can not be sold to Brokers, puppy mill or puppy shops or at an auction.
8. If a repeat breeding is done on a female who didn't take with an AI and next time a surgical implant is done and the bitch is unable to
be bred and has to be spayed Steele bulldogs will not repeat the breeding on another female. We cant guarantee that your bitch is fertile

Agreement by Owner of the Stud Dog in the event of breeding by artificial insemination:
The Stud Dog Owner agrees:
1. Collections of sperm will be shipped overnight by FedEx. Except on Fridays and Saturdays shipping is more to have over nighted
those days so add $25 per shipments that need to arrive Saturdays or Mondays. The only day we can not get you semen is on a
2. Collections shipped must be considered viable for breeding by veterinary standards for artificial insemination.
3. Shipment of the collections will take place on the dates requested, unless in the event of a natural disaster or national emergency
resulting in the halt of veterinary services and/or air transport carriers.
4. If for some reason the same stud dog isn't available for a repeat breeding Steele bulldogs will chose one of their other males to use
for the repeat breeding
.If the bitch does not conceive, a repeat breeding is offered one time within the next calendar year at no charge (other than shipping
cost if semen is to be shipped) provided the bitch had progesterone testing prior to breeding to time her ovulation. We do not believe
vaginal smears are a reliable test to determine optimum breeding time

Agreement by The Owner of the Bitch in the event of breeding by artificial insemination or surgical implant.:
The Bitch Owner Agrees:
1. Will provide the Stud Dog Owner with two dates(one date if doing a surgical implant) for insemination based on testing done to
predict ovulation by the by the Bitch Owner along with AKC registration number of the bitch for our AKC records.
2. Agrees to let the Stud owner know when the
bitch starts her heat cycle so we can plan to ship on the desired male.
3. Agrees to give the Owner of the Stud Dog twenty-four hour notice prior to desired shipment date of collections. On each stud fee we
will ship max. two times. If additional shipments are needed fees will apply.
4. Agrees to pay shipment fees
(varies on location $100 per shipment and $100- $125 if Saturday or Monday delivery is needed.)
shipping is need to the Stud Dog Owner in addition to the stud fee and Stud fee is
due prior to shipping semen.
5. Agrees to pay for all veterinary and shipping fees associated with a return stud service, if one transpires.
6. Agrees to prevent the bitch from exposure to any stud dog while she is in season.
7.Agree that if puppies are born from the breeding, all obligations of the stud owner have been met whether or not the puppies survive
and a repeat breeding will not be offered.
8.Bitches that are to be bred at our house must be healthy with no s/s of illness or communicable disease. Please make sure your bitch
has been wormed and is up to date on all vaccinations including kennel cough which is dangerous to pregnant females and young

Agrees to send back all  shipping containers to Stud owner ASAP!

Stud owners signature ____________________________         Date:_________________
AKC # of Male and AKC reg. Name:__________________________
Bitch owners Name, Phone# and address___________________________________________________________
Bitch owners Signature_______________________________________
AKC # of Bitch and AKC reg. Name:________________________________

Please print and sign this contract and email or mail  to us at.
Mandy Lawson
           Benton Arkansas 72019