This page is dedicated to a one of a kind bulldog, Ch Steelebull Catch Me If U Can, affectionately known to
many as Yoda. Yoda stole my heart on the day he was born. He was the only puppy in the litter and weighed
only 6 ounces. His mother had no milk so he was all mine from the start. I was thankful that he was a
fighter and wanted to live as much as I wanted him to. I spent every minute carrying him around, bottle
feeding him and just stressing over every little thing that I thought was going wrong. I wanted a show puppy
and whether this puppy was it or not, I wanted him to live. I credit much of his survival to his step mom,
Kathy Harris, who was always there to offer support and valuable advice. Neither of us dreamed at that
time that this little puppy would turn out to be the awesome show dog that he was. Yoda wasn't perfect.
There were lots of bulldogs out there that were better than Yoda but he knew he was special and he was a
natural born show dog. He knew he could win and win he did. His very first show he surprised everyone, but
himself, by winning and taking Best Of Breed over seven top specials at seven months of age...and he never
looked back. He finished his championship in a little over two months with all majors. He was a joy to watch in
the ring. It was the place that he really shined. He would throw his head up with a "LOOK AT ME AND SEE
THE BEST" attitude and he would steal the judge's hearts. What a dog!!! He went on to be a successful top
ranked special and was a joy to his family and all who knew him. We lost our beloved Yoda a few months ago
but his legacy lives on. There are Yoda pups in the ring and yet to be born and we are always watching for
that special one.....the one that steps out from the litter, lifts his head and says, LOOK AT ME, I AM THE
We Love and Miss you Yoda!
Mandy and Kylie and all your loving bulldog fans.
We will continue your legacy!
Please enjoy the pictures below of Yoda.
Yoda's Last few days with us
Yoda's Last few days with us
Yoda's Last few days with us
Yoda's Last few days with us
Yoda's Last few days with us
Yoda's Last few days with us
Yoda's Last few days with us
Yoda's Last few days with us
Yoda 7mths old
Yoda 6mths old
Yoda 6mths old
Yoda's first group at 7mths old
Yoda taking BOB at 7mths old over 7
speicals!! In franklin Tn
Yoda 4wks old